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0113 830 07771 comment
this number is eco solutions. Don't know why they're calling
Last Comment 3 days ago | 01138300777 | 0113 Area Code
01941 2819971 comment
01941281997 Female voice, claimed to be from TalkTalk wanting to talk about my internet service. She used the word 'felicitations' in the initial speil. So I asked her “Do you mind if I record this conversation for training and monitoring purposes?” She immediately hung up.
Last Comment 3 days ago | 01941281997
01632 9601413 comments
obviously nuisance call when answered no response
Last Comment 4 days ago | 01632960141
01254 6255581 comment
Last Comment 4 days ago | 01254625558 | 01254 Area Code
01744 678981 comment
I have received a few calls recently from this number. When I answer the call gets disconnected. I am unable to call the number bacl
Last Comment 5 days ago | 0174467898 | 01744 Area Code
01678 4348561 comment
just back ground noise when answered
Last Comment 6 days ago | 01678434856 | 01678 Area Code
020 8089 14461 comment
I am getting calls from the number below when I answer they hang up.
Last Comment 10 days ago | 02080891446 | 020 Area Code
01254 3662213 comments
This guy is an absolute pest! Phones up and threatens you to close your "google account" and that if you do not pay him with renewal fee you will be going bust. He is very pushy on the phone. On questioning that bullshit he hangs up.
Last Comment 11 days ago | 01254366221 | 01254 Area Code
020 3634 65801 comment
Called saying I'd won free lottery tickets
Last Comment 11 days ago | 02036346580 | 020 Area Code
07483 2741081 comment
Got a "Class 0" (one where it shows up directly on your screen rather than being saved onto your phone) message from this number saying my mobile number had been chosen to win £2,000,000 in the Milli Piyango (Turkish Lottery). It gave me a claim code and an email address: [email protected] It did not say anything about how to claim, as I found other people have had 'dealings' with thi...
Last Comment 11 days ago | 07483274108 | 074 Area Code
07904 4522081 comment
Just had a call on this number using my maiden name. Claiming to be from a compare company. I very politely just said I wasn’t interested in any product he was promoting a young rude boy just said ‘whatever’ and hung up. Didn’t think cold callers could get worse!
Last Comment 12 days ago | 07904452208 | 079 Area Code
020 3936 00883 comments
Male rang from this number. Said he was in Toronto Canada. Persistent and hard selling binery investment, and ended up be extremely verbally abusive to me!! Clearly, he is unable to accept that I'm not interested in investment calls.
Last Comment 12 days ago | 02039360088 | 020 Area Code
0141 628 60131 comment
This is the usual cold calling pests, indian accent asking if you've had an accident...
Last Comment 13 days ago | 01416286013 | 0141 Area Code
0844 880 59882 comments
its your employer
Last Comment 16 days ago | 08448805988 | 0844 Area Code
020 3695 09761 comment
02036950976 called today. I do not know this number.
Last Comment 17 days ago | 02036950976 | 020 Area Code
01273 0257803 comments
They keep calling me even though I have blocked the call. They are wasting their time because I ignire calls when I cannot identify the caller. Nevertheless, it is annoying. If it is Greenpeace, as it seems to be, this doesn’t speak well of that organisation if it resorts to this type of cold calling.
Last Comment 18 days ago | 01273025780 | 01273 Area Code
0333 212 72502 comments
I have just bought a house and they got me a great deal on the insurance for it, much much better than the banks
Last Comment 18 days ago | 03332127250 | 0333 Area Code
01254 3662213 comments
same thing happened to me today. When I said I can't find you on google anywhere, he hung up.
Last Comment 20 days ago | 01254366221 | 01254 Area Code
0844 824 48761 comment
Someone rang me and it just crept ringing when I answer it
Last Comment 21 days ago | 08448244876 | 0844 Area Code
01274 8618653 comments
Just had a call from these. Really poor English accent and understanding. Hung up on them and blocked their number as obviously not a company I know of. Couldn't even make out who they claimed to be. Just block them!
Last Comment 23 days ago | 01274861865 | 01274 Area Code
0800 111 46127 comments
Got a call today 24/11/2017. Said they were an energy saving surgery and they were in my area. I said I was not interested.
Last Comment 24 days ago | 08001114612 | 0800 Area Code
01827 2429283 comments
Another call from this criminal company today, 01827242928 (last time was yesterday) despite telling them previously numerous times that I was on TPS and I had told each caller that I wanted them to stop. This time a bloke said he was not selling me anything and would keep calling me in the future. If they are not going to get a sale, why do these numpties delude themselves and waste their ti...
Last Comment 24 days ago | 01827242928 | 01827 Area Code
01274 8618653 comments
This number just called saying they were from my washing machine company. I think he kept saying Wash - which I didn't understand. He put the phone down when he realised I wasn't over 50.
Last Comment 24 days ago | 01274861865 | 01274 Area Code
01274 8618653 comments
This number called yesterday and twice today. Claims to be from Openreach but was so faint I had trouble hearing anything. Said they were working on the local exchange and there was problems with my router! Caller was male, poor English, mispronounced several words.
Last Comment 25 days ago | 01274861865 | 01274 Area Code
020 7072 74694 comments
Calling about an accident I was not involved in - pre-recorded
Last Comment 25 days ago | 02070727469 | 020 Area Code
01562 0251891 comment
Received a call from this number a few minutes ago. The lady asked for my name and hung up. When I tried to call back: "You dialed an incorrect number. Sounds very suspicious. Please investigate.
Last Comment 28 days ago | 01562025189 | 01562 Area Code
0300 057 49981 comment
HMRC scammer They claim you owe taxes.
Last Comment 28 days ago | 03000574998 | 0300 Area Code
01658 4348561 comment
no such dialling code so at best it's a scam
Last Comment 29 days ago | 01658434856
0800 098 87062 comments
PC tech support scam. Ignore
Last Comment 30 days ago | 08000988706 | 0800 Area Code
01273 0257803 comments
The call is from Greenpeace, looking for volunteers and/or activists. They won't leave a message due to time constraints but a simple 1471 check will confirm.
Last Comment about 1 month ago | 01273025780 | 01273 Area Code

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