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0800 046 52571 comment
This is a UK registered number (0800 046 5257) for Tech supports scammers. Locked computer, demanded that I call this number so I called to confirm they are still in "business" and it seems they are. They seemed quite angry when she realized I wasn't calling to pay! Made me chuckle. I hope these people get sent to prison.
Last Comment about 19 hours ago | 08000465257 | 0800 Area Code
020 3011 12041 comment
Said they were from Rapid something. Asked about my recent car accident, I said i don't drive, she paniced and went in to "any other accident in the last 3 years?" Spam
Last Comment 2 days ago | 02030111204 | 020 Area Code
0161 236 73531 comment
this is fraud company trying to get you to refund money that they pay in using a chq that will bounce
Last Comment 3 days ago | 01612367353 | 0161 Area Code
0330 303 53242 comments
This number phoned claiming it was o2 and that their records show my maiden name is on the account which is wrong as I’ve been married for 2 years and had a new account since changing my name. Told them there were too many scamming calls supposedly coming from o2 and that if I needed to speak to o2 I would do so myself and hung up.
Last Comment 3 days ago | 03303035324 | 0330 Area Code
01752 4381008 comments
I had that number ring me last week it's legit x
Last Comment 6 days ago | 01752438100 | 01752 Area Code
01323 3629851 comment
Hi I've received so many unknown calls from unknown callers and at first I don't answer to them and then I block them but they still keep ringing some give up after a while but they really shouldn't be ringing people up trying and be tending to be scams people don't need it havent they got anything else better to do then pester us lot. Aspeically this number 01323 362985 has come up on my phone...
Last Comment 8 days ago | 01323362985 | 01323 Area Code
07810 5073613 comments
Just had a call asking to speak to my son saying they were from Careers South West. He wanted to know what my son is doing now. I smelt a rat so asked him who he was and if he could tell me more about the company. He dithered and didn't really say anything more than he had already told me so I suggested if he wanted to know anything he could either post something out to me or email me. He d...
Last Comment 11 days ago | 07810507361 | 078 Area Code
01225 8099051 comment
The caller swore at me then cut me off. All I said was hello
Last Comment 11 days ago | 01225809905 | 01225 Area Code
0800 952 48555 comments
Got several calls from this number, double checked it in the local o2 store, they said the number didn't belong to them. So I've reported it to ofcom, suggest that people do the same if they get this call.
Last Comment 12 days ago | 08009524855 | 0800 Area Code
0800 098 87061 comment
alleged virus/trojan/worm. 0800 098 8706 Whilst usung 'chrome' browser, computer screen went red with a lot of disturbing information displayed, and a demand to call microsoft on the above number before continuing to use chrome.
Last Comment 13 days ago | 08000988706 | 0800 Area Code
020 3769 88761 comment
Indian lady called telling me that 15 people from Manchester were using our phone line. I kept asking "how?" and she got rude with me and said "WELL IF YOU JUST LISTEN TO ME" and failed to answer my "how" question. Wanted me to turn on my computer and asked me, on my keyboard, what key is next to the Ctrl key, which I thought was a weird question to ask. I told her my phone wasn't near my compu...
Last Comment 14 days ago | 02037698876 | 020 Area Code
01562 0251809 comments
This number they call you ask you about a car accident you've had in last 2 years - even though I don't drive??. Another scam calller
Last Comment 18 days ago | 01562025180 | 01562 Area Code
01562 0251809 comments
Had a call from this number, Scouse accent, mumbled the company name and tried to lie and say variously they were carrying out customer satisfaction surveys, calling to ensure that I had received all the necessary replacement vehicle etc, told him several times I didn't want to discuss this with him, but he kept persisting and saying that the calls would continue. Didn't give him (or rather...
Last Comment 18 days ago | 01562025180 | 01562 Area Code
0161 814 17191 comment
Identified themselves as calling from "The PPI team". When asked "the PPI tem of which organisation?" they admitted that this is the name of their company: "The PPI Team". That'll be these people: In other words, just another annoying PPI claim chaser.
Last Comment 19 days ago | 01618141719 | 0161 Area Code
0114 303 17351 comment
I received a text message saying Here's your Uber code **** it's obviously spam.
Last Comment 21 days ago | 01143031735 | 0114 Area Code
020 3026 17461 comment
Investment software company
Last Comment 24 days ago | 02030261746 | 020 Area Code
0800 883 00863 comments
I was called by 0800 883 0086 on 27/9/17 at 13.12. I believe this is a scam. It was an answer machine but I couldn't get past security and it asked me to call another number, which I didn't.
Last Comment 24 days ago | 08008830086 | 0800 Area Code
0114 221 864711 comments
Called by a foreign sounding lady who said she was from telephone preference management. She asked if I was still receiving nuisance calls, which I confirmed. She then said there would be no more nuisance calls after today but then she was I was lucky as I had been picked out for call blocking. She then wanted my address, which I did not give as I then suspected a scam. I told her she was...
Last Comment 24 days ago | 01142218647 | 0114 Area Code
0117 992 70712 comments
It’s trust Ford booking team, calling to book my car for a service!
Last Comment 25 days ago | 01179927071 | 0117 Area Code
01241 8557761 comment
The caller asked me to confirm my name, I asked who they are. Gave me some general name, then asked me about my address. Again I asked what is this about, without confirming my name or address, and I was told it was about the washing machine. The funny thing is that I am expecting a delivery of a washing machine tomorrow, so I asked to tell me about the washing machine, they insisted this is a ...
Last Comment 25 days ago | 01241855776 | 01241 Area Code
01325 7765562 comments
my wife took a call on her mobile because it was a Darlington STD code & that's sort-of-local...a man claimed to be from EE & was ringing about the account so she passed him on to me...he asked me what we were paying? & for what? & I smelled a rat - if he was from our phone supplier, surely he should know! I asked for his name "Jake" & his number "oh, it's easier if I call you" & the call ...
Last Comment 30 days ago | 01325776556 | 01325 Area Code
01562 0251809 comments
Had a call from this number and many many others. Problem is people are expecting calls from other people and are not sure whether or not it is there number. Waste so much of my time running to answer calls. These I believe are young irresponsible kids who have Bee hired by greedy companies who pay a pittance to them to aggravate the public. How long is this going to go on for before the a Gove...
Last Comment about 1 month ago | 01562025180 | 01562 Area Code
0800 197 69351 comment
It was a follow up call from Swinton Insurance after i\d got an online quote.
Last Comment about 1 month ago | 08001976935 | 0800 Area Code
020 7193 25031 comment
This firm is a website builder and an domain registration caller offering you their services, a woman with an Indian accent, difficult to understand - we've had 4-calls.
Last Comment about 1 month ago | 02071932503 | 020 Area Code
020 7043 33476 comments
Phone call from 020 7043 5319 telling me I had been in an accident. When I asked her who told her she said the Road Traffic Investigators. I asked her for the name of the person who told her. She kept asking me when the accident happened. After me asking her four times for the name of the person who told her I had been in an accident she then hung up. So rude
Last Comment about 1 month ago | 02070433347 | 020 Area Code
01227 7125764 comments
Asian fellow has called me numerous times claiming to be from nationwide asking for feedback. I always ask what the feedback was in relation to because i've never used nationwide. The fellow then asks me to confirm my post code which i say i am unwilling to do as im not sure who im really speaking to. the guy then responds with some choice swear words before slamming the phone down. Obvious...
Last Comment about 1 month ago | 01227712576 | 01227 Area Code
07520 6316792 comments
Unsolicited text message reads- 'The Banks are refunding customers who have paid a monthly fee on packaged accounts, act now for your refunds by replying BANK or stop to opt-out.' Could it be a frauster/ phishing scam/ telemarkerer ? I have never given this caller my number or permission to use my data. It's not possible to block a text on my phone. Why can't mobile phone providers screen ou...
Last Comment about 1 month ago | 07520631679 | 075 Area Code
07775 6217491 comment
Stop harassing me you dickhead
Last Comment about 1 month ago | 07775621749 | 077 Area Code
0845 567 28911 comment
This is an insurance scam cold caller
Last Comment about 1 month ago | 08455672891 | 0845 Area Code
0333 212 72941 comment
Cold call. British accent, rude 20 something male caller. We got no further.
Last Comment about 1 month ago | 03332127294 | 0333 Area Code

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