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020 3514 16021 comment
Someone trying to sell me a second income. I asked them to remove me from their database as they had called me earlier in the week. She rudely told me she wouldn't as i have signed up for them. I run several businesses so a 2nd income is the last thing i would sign up to. Couldnt quite understand their company name as line not clear but sounded like HQ Rover and then she wouldnt give me t...
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020 3608 52431 comment
FreeMsg: You have now subscribed to SecretSalesCodes for £4050 per month from Mobtech until you send STOP to 60031. [email protected] 02036085243
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0800 072 52301 comment
Automated caller stating the 'Inland revenue are taking me to court'!! press 1 to speak to my case handler.
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0800 046 52573 comments
Same as previous comments - when I asked if they could verify their authenticity - they said 'well, you called us..' Complete con.
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020 3795 96591 comment
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01254 3662215 comments
I've had three phone calls so far from this person, won't take no for an answer. I tried finding the company on google but its not there. Will just keep hanging up if he calls again.
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0191 389 66671 comment
These people have called 3 times in 3 hrs,they do not leave a message,but just ring off..this is obviously cold-calling, or a scam....calling so many timesx is harassment,and how do they get my number, when I am registered with the TPS ,and ex-directory?...they should be did-connected, and leave people in peace.
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01274 8618654 comments
called to verify name and postcode I said I wouldn't he asked for me by name I said I was the butler the indian man was very rude and hung up
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07554 6459681 comment
Female, breathless voice says "Hello, we need to talk to you urgently about your life insurance policy. To speak to ........... press ...... "
Last Comment 19 days ago | 07554645968 | 075 Area Code
01254 3662215 comments
Yes just had the pleasure of this man too - yes just as John and Anon describe, said I would loose everything without it and how bad my websites were, became more and more aggressive the more and more I said I didn't need it. Eventually hung up when i clicked through to maps, apparently my ad was there and I had paid for it previously. Tried to call him back but he kept cancelling my call - Hmmm
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020 3129 59211 comment
"We buy any amount of BTC for cash". SCAMMERS
Last Comment about 1 month ago | 02031295921 | 020 Area Code
01632 9601414 comments
Got some little s**t called Ellis calling themselves an "efficiency advisor" call this morning asking me about putting kittens in the loft instead of fibreglass. Sick freak! Told him to f**k off and it's been reported to the police.
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07722 1775661 comment
Last Comment about 1 month ago | 07722177566 | 077 Area Code
0333 443 26151 comment
Keep getting cold calls form the number I do not wish to receiver these calls.
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07757 0771911 comment
Last Comment about 1 month ago | 07757077191 | 077 Area Code
0113 830 07771 comment
this number is eco solutions. Don't know why they're calling
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01941 2819971 comment
01941281997 Female voice, claimed to be from TalkTalk wanting to talk about my internet service. She used the word 'felicitations' in the initial speil. So I asked her “Do you mind if I record this conversation for training and monitoring purposes?” She immediately hung up.
Last Comment about 1 month ago | 01941281997
01632 9601414 comments
obviously nuisance call when answered no response
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01254 6255581 comment
Last Comment about 1 month ago | 01254625558 | 01254 Area Code
01744 678981 comment
I have received a few calls recently from this number. When I answer the call gets disconnected. I am unable to call the number bacl
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01678 4348561 comment
just back ground noise when answered
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020 8089 14461 comment
I am getting calls from the number below when I answer they hang up.
Last Comment about 2 months ago | 02080891446 | 020 Area Code
01254 3662215 comments
This guy is an absolute pest! Phones up and threatens you to close your "google account" and that if you do not pay him with renewal fee you will be going bust. He is very pushy on the phone. On questioning that bullshit he hangs up.
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020 3634 65801 comment
Called saying I'd won free lottery tickets
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07483 2741081 comment
Got a "Class 0" (one where it shows up directly on your screen rather than being saved onto your phone) message from this number saying my mobile number had been chosen to win £2,000,000 in the Milli Piyango (Turkish Lottery). It gave me a claim code and an email address: [email protected] It did not say anything about how to claim, as I found other people have had 'dealings' with thi...
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07904 4522081 comment
Just had a call on this number using my maiden name. Claiming to be from a compare company. I very politely just said I wasn’t interested in any product he was promoting a young rude boy just said ‘whatever’ and hung up. Didn’t think cold callers could get worse!
Last Comment about 2 months ago | 07904452208 | 079 Area Code
020 3936 00883 comments
Male rang from this number. Said he was in Toronto Canada. Persistent and hard selling binery investment, and ended up be extremely verbally abusive to me!! Clearly, he is unable to accept that I'm not interested in investment calls.
Last Comment about 2 months ago | 02039360088 | 020 Area Code
0141 628 60131 comment
This is the usual cold calling pests, indian accent asking if you've had an accident...
Last Comment about 2 months ago | 01416286013 | 0141 Area Code
0844 880 59882 comments
its your employer
Last Comment about 2 months ago | 08448805988 | 0844 Area Code
020 3695 09761 comment
02036950976 called today. I do not know this number.
Last Comment about 2 months ago | 02036950976 | 020 Area Code

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