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Last Post by ex-directory - 28 Jun 2019 | Phone 01254640338
left message on answerphone that broadband will be disconnected in 2 hours
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Last Post by ALI - 10 Jan 2018 | Phone 01254366221
I've had three phone calls so far from this person, won't take no for an answer. I tried finding the company on google but its not there. Will just keep hanging up if he calls again.
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Last Post by EGTP - 03 Jan 2018 | Phone 01254366221
Yes just had the pleasure of this man too - yes just as John and Anon describe, said I would loose everything without it and how bad my websites were, became more and more aggressive the more and m...
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Last Post by FED UP - 14 Dec 2017 | Phone 01254625558
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Last Post by John - 07 Dec 2017 | Phone 01254366221
This guy is an absolute pest! Phones up and threatens you to close your "google account" and that if you do not pay him with renewal fee you will be going bust. He is very pushy on the phone. On ...
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Last Post by anon - 28 Nov 2017 | Phone 01254366221
same thing happened to me today. When I said I can't find you on google anywhere, he hung up.
01254 3662215 comments
Last Post by Anon - 25 Oct 2017 | Phone 01254366221
Said called Find a Business. Knew my name, said colleague rang last month to explain Business Centre and agreed to call back this month about Google listings or similar. Never heard of them. Said n...
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Last Post by J - 31 Aug 2017 | Phone 01254470938
Saying I have a claim for PPI.
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Last Post by Anon - 23 Aug 2017 | Phone 01254470887
Wanting to know personal information about my pensions, called themselves Smart Review, most likely a scam, told them why on earth would I give them my personal information and hung up.
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Last Post by Mark R Smith - 21 Sep 2016 | Phone 01254785241
TalkTalk scam call from 01254785241. Blocked.
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Last Post by Adam Taylor - 15 Sep 2016 | Phone 01254785214
Talk Talk tech support scam from 01254785214. Do not download any file. Blocked.
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Last Post by John - 16 Jun 2016 | Phone 0125472267
Caller CLI 0+9digits so Fake CLI therefore a scammer. Concerned may be recording being played by a burglar to get whether I am in or out. I need to be able to trace these calls! I need a public Rob...

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