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Phone number: +44 20 7950 0851

First check date: 21/09/2016

Last checked: 19/07/2019

Location: UK, London

Comments: 16

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Latest Reports

Adam Taylor21 Sep 2016

Got a call from 02079500851 to confirm if I had had an accident. I hung up.
Caller: Sigma Advice Company

Susan Martin21 Sep 2016

Told I had been in car accident. Asked a question and they said 'oh well I am sorry you have been in an accident' and hung up. By the way, have not been in an accident.
Caller: Sigma

Claudia Iles21 Sep 2016

5 missed calls called back said Horizon Test line

crazydiamond21 Sep 2016

Got a call from this number today. I'm sure I've had calls from them before so I didn't bother answering.

Richard21 Sep 2016

Accident claim call
Caller: Sigma

Language Timothy21 Sep 2016

Caller said - I understand you have been involved in a car accident that wasn't your fault - is that right? Total nonsense so told her that and not to call again. Blocked on phone.
Caller: Didn't hear name

Bob Morley21 Sep 2016

Got a call from this number, didn't answer it as I do not recognise the number. reported the call to the ICO, as I recommend everyone who receives such a call does. Only takes a couple of minutes and the best way to get these pests shut down.

Peter H21 Sep 2016

Call received and hung as I started to speak

mr disu22 Sep 2016

Got a call from this number , i think its a scam

22 Sep 2016

Me too. Say you are on the TPS telephone preference scheme

Lord S-B 23 Sep 2016

Answered the phone and a female voice spoke, I said pardon as I couldn't hear her, she replied saying "ok we will remove your number from our call list" and hung up.
Caller: Unknown female

George23 Sep 2016

I just got called by this number randomly. As soon as I picked up they hung up on me
Caller: 020 7950 0851

Mr Watson 23 Sep 2016

Received a call about whether I had been in a car accident. Unfortunately I haven't so I asked whether they could assist me with a PPI claim but they could not. Can anyone help me with removing a virus from my PC? I have been waiting in for a call to help me with that for sometime.
Caller: Sigma

23 Sep 2016

Advisory something .. Scam
Caller: 020 7950 0851

Lyn Williams24 Sep 2016

Got a call at 1140 24 Sept from this number. Asked if I had been in a car accident. Answer Yes or No. It sounded like a robot speaking so I asked if she was a real person. Got a reply from the thing saying have a nice day and they hung up on me.
Caller: 02079500851

AV24 Sep 2016

Was phoned on mobile, suspected that it was a dodgy number, checked on this website - thanks- will block.
Caller: 020 7950 0851

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+44 20 7950 0842

Got a robocall from 02079500842 created to mimic a person asking whether you have had an accident. Blocked.


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