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Phone number: +44 7531 971846

First check date: 20/10/2016

Last checked: 18/01/2019

Location: UK, Personal Number

Comments: 22

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Latest Reports

Jack R Smith20 Oct 2016

Keep getting calls from 07531971846. No message left. Looks like a telemarketer.

Laura K20 Oct 2016

I've had two missed calls from this number in the last two hours, no message left and no response to a text I sent explaining I was unable to talk.. I stumbled across this post by googling to find out who they are?

James20 Oct 2016

just got call from this number saying that they he is from HMRC and I need to pay tax to his local account. scam call
Caller: 07531971846

Nik20 Oct 2016

Had a call from this number, asked for me by my full name the revived sexually explicit comments before I hung up. Will be reporting this one to the police. It was filth
Caller: 07531 971846

SN20 Oct 2016

Yeah, scam. Got a call from them regarding government debt write off initiative. He got annoyed when I told him I have an unsecured debt of £200k to my drug dealer :D
Caller: 07531971846

Sally20 Oct 2016

Called saying are you sally......... im from citisens advice department? I said i did not ask them to call and he said sorry and hung up
Caller: 07531 971846

Ash20 Oct 2016

Had call saying they were citizen advice and I had debt to pay. SCAM! They soon put phone down on me, when I didn't play into it. They are after your money!

Charlotte 20 Oct 2016

Had them call up claiming they was citizens advice and I have an outstanding debt, instantly didn't buy into it as it's a mobile number. Stated I didn't have a debt so I'd like to know what it was regarding if I did and they hung up instantly! 100% scam
Caller: 07531 971846

John Carver20 Oct 2016

I had a call from this number just after 6pm this evening wilst I was out walking my dogs. The caller, who couldn't pronounce may name correctly, claimed that she was from Citzens Advice and the call was in connection to money I allegedly owe. To cut a long and no doubt all too familiar story short, the bottom line was all I had to do was make a payment for half the amount she claimed I owe into an account she would give me the details of. I owe no one anything and duly told the caller that. I was about to ask her to remove my details from their system when she hung up. How dare these people claim to be from a trusted organisation such as Citizens Advice - an organisation to whom people turn when in difficulty and often when all other methods have failed. Those responsible for this scam need identifying and closing down as soon as possible.
Caller: Claimed to be CAB though clearly not.

mark20 Oct 2016

I just got a call from 07531971846, i picked up and said''' hello? and they said in a really thick indian accent''' hello is that mr mark? So i asked who was speaking, and he said his name was dave!! Lol. Before he said anything i burst out laffin and ended the call. Blocked.
Caller: 07531971846

Sian22 Oct 2016

Had a call from this number on a Saturday morning, allegedly from a debt collection agency about some unsecured debts. The caller hung up when I asked him to detail what these unsecured debts were for. Scam.
Caller: 07531 971846

Chris22 Oct 2016

Dropped call
Caller: Unknown

Bob22 Oct 2016

If you look number up on Facebook it's a women's phone Tammy Botfield who works at Sandwell government organisations All a bit odd

Rue24 Oct 2016

Received a call from this number who claimed to be the citizens advice bureau about debt I had to pay. Didn't buy it and she hung up.
Caller: 07531 971846

Sarah24 Oct 2016

Called, I answered, noisy background and caller asked to speak to 'Him' - then hung up when I said 'what?' Blocked

Anneka24 Oct 2016

Just had a call from a man with a strong Indian accent claiming that I had unsolicited debts and that he was calling from a credit investigation company. Couldn't pronounce my name and is clearly a scam. Told him I don't have any debts and hung up.
Caller: Credit investigation

T Brown25 Oct 2016

Just received call from this number-he had a thick asian accent and called me "mam"! He said that they had received an unpaid debt fromDebt Resolution and need to arrange re-payment. I told him i know exactly what i have and check credit report monthly and no concerns-he then said he didn't need to go any further. SCAM!!!!

P Taylor25 Oct 2016

Had a missed call from this number, no message left. After reading the comments, now blocked, thanks

Dean Munsey25 Oct 2016

Phone initially quiet. It then cuts in with noisy background before a male speaks. Knew my name. The male constantly changed his accent from Indian to American. Stated he was from a credit investigation department and that I had a number of unsecured loans which I was paying by monthly debit. When I said I didn't, he got angry and told me to stop wasting his time and to get off the line!! Number now blocked!!
Caller: Unknown male

Kellie25 Oct 2016

To SN Great reply, I might have to steal that from you lol. 😂
Caller: 07531971846

Carolyne Scriven25 Oct 2016

Just had a call on 25/10/2016....same as all the above indian man trying to scam people. These people should be jailed for doing this to everyone..clearly no morals or conscience in life..lets hope bad karma gets them soon!! just a scam number!
Caller: scammer

Tim25 Oct 2016

Same here - claimed they were from Citizens advice and I owed money. I said I already had advice and it was to never to speak to strangers wasting my time. They hung up. Blocked.

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