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Phone number: +44 800 046 5257

First check date: 07/09/2017

Last checked: 17/02/2019

Location: UK, Freephone number

Comments: 5

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Latest Reports

Benjamin Wade20 Oct 2017

This is a UK registered number (0800 046 5257) for Tech supports scammers. Locked computer, demanded that I call this number so I called to confirm they are still in "business" and it seems they are. They seemed quite angry when she realized I wasn't calling to pay! Made me chuckle. I hope these people get sent to prison.
Caller: 0800 046 5257

Hi11 Nov 2017

Yeah they sre scammer asking money to fix your computer coz they hacked it.
Caller: 080004565257

FH11 Jan 2018

Same as previous comments - when I asked if they could verify their authenticity - they said 'well, you called us..' Complete con.
Caller: 080004565257

JR29 Jan 2018

080004565257 - why haven't these conning cretins been shut down yet?

LK10 Feb 2018

Just spammed my dad's computer - voice message from 'microsoft' advising the computer had been hacked and to call the number 0800 046 5257 which came up on his browsing screen - worried he called it and was advised it would cost £299 or £399 to remove virus and malware which had been detected on his computer. 'Proved' they had access to his computer as lots of images flashed on the screen whilst he was talking to them, fortunately (or not) he gave them his email address only. I advised dad to run his AVG to make sure all OK now going to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon at his house going through the computer to make sure all OK. God knows what kind of spam emails he's going to get now. Please do not fall victim to this horrid underhand scam.

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+44 28 8077 1903

This number has called me on a number of occasions. I never answer as they never leave a message. Best ignored i think


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